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I am in the process of redoing the Arctic Bike Club website and updating and adding a lot of content.

One thing I would appreciate the feedback on is bicycle shops and if they still exist, I am missing any, or anything like that as is it one of the most common questions the club website gets.

Last summer I did some googling and phone calling to build the initial list.

In particular I am looking for:
  • Any bike shops or someplace someone could get something repaired between Wasilla and Fairbanks
  • Anything in the Glenallen or Delta Junction Areas or Valdez areas (if it exists)
  • Anything in Seward, Homer, Kenai, Soldotna, Kodiak, or elsewhere not already on the list.
  • Any missing shops; a shop for my purposes being defined as they sell new bikes and are not a chain big box store unless they have a heavy focus on cycling and offer repair services. (That is why REI is on the list but not Sports Authority); but I may reverse course on Sports Authority. I'm not planning on listing every home based repair business unless it is a full time thing (RTR and Webike and ArcticCycles) or there is a large generally known customer base already.
  • Any shops that you know any of the unknowns or believe the information is correct.

Link to the page:

It can also be found on the webpage by going to AK Cycling Info->Alaska Bicycle Shop Information.

I did start keeping track of brands each shop sold but that became too much info to maintain so I tried to focus on getting them listed, their hours, how much of their business was bikes, and if they rented and repaired.

I know everyone has their opinion about different shops and people; so I would appreciate the thread stick to the general facts. ;)

I may also add a map to this page, and know I need to cleanup the formatting a bit but right now focusing on content.

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