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Air9 colour match help

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Yes I'm from the UK hence the correct;) spelling of the word colour.

I'm looking to get a lighweight set of rims powder coated to match the Kermit Green of my Niner Air9.

I've emailed Niner and got this reply when asking for the official RAL or PANTONE colour code.

Unfortunatly Brian said "We do not have those codes. The paint system used in manufacturing is not the same as the color codes we may have. It would have to be color matched on your end. We have had questions like this before and our manufacturing end has always told me the same thing."

My problem is I'm over 150 miles away from my prefered wheel builder, so can't just pop in with my frame.

Any ideas on what I should do?

Ta JohnClimber
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Maybe you could find a local art/design supply store that stocks Pantone products. Usually there is at least one open colour guide
that customers can take a look through. Bring your frame with you and match it to the closest colour then give the number to
your powdercoater to match.

Just a thought,

I think the Kermit Green is a/or close to RAL 6018
If you want it done right, sounds like a road trip. Sorry I didn't realize you were in the UK. A 150 mile trip might take two days.:D
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