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Seeming as how all the jump spots in Bend are all hagard from the weather; those of us that wish to continue getting airborn during the winter months, have to WANT! it, and have some good work ethic. My buddy Chris who lives in northeast Bend, had started to build some small jumps in his backyard this summer, but never really spent any time dialing it in. In the past month or so, he and a few other people have been spending some serious time behind a shovel and barrow; getting that place dialed in. The main line is intermediate level doubles, in the 12-15ft range, with some sweet transfers. The smaller warm up line should be done by this weekend; and there is also a pumptrack thats getting better and better. When you want to jump, sometimes YOU! have to put in some hard work; not just moving dirt, but shoveling snow and ice off your jumps. Here are some pics of the ongoing progress.

More pics to come when we finish up the easier warm up line. Hopefully we can get some good riding in this weekend; if the freezing rain ever stops!
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Awesome! Hard to tell from the shots, but that dirt looks really good to work with... Maybe it's just the moisture content?
Nice work. Glad the beat goes on in the winter.
We got our shred on in full on winter a few weeks back.


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Winter Session at Chris's Spot

A quick vid from a winter afternoon session at Chris's jumps.

Winter Session at Chris T's Jump Spot from Nick Braun on Vimeo.
The Volcano Jump

Hands and shovels have been quite busy in a local back yard. We have installed a new trick jump that is SICK!!!!! Check out the video below, of local grom ripper Carson Storch.

For more pics and info go to
NastyNick said:
A quick vid from a winter afternoon session at Chris's jumps.
Thanks for the stoke!

Just a little feedback...skip the 40 second intro when the clip is only 160 seconds.
That's killer! Takes some big nads to go for that back flip.
A picture of this jump, and Carson doing a backflip, got Picture of the day on
I look at the pics of that backyard, and all I can think of is the wife would kill me ;)
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