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Aiming bar and helmet lights

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I have never done any night riding so this is going to be a totally nubie question......flame on :)

I just purchased a Niterider Trinewt that I am mounting on the bars and a single X2 for the helmet. Currently, I have the Trinewt positioned so the center-line of the unit is parallel to the ground. I have the X2 pointing at the ground about 10 - 12 feet in front of me.

I just mounted them and rode on the street but have yet to hit the trails. Does my setup sound about right? Suggestions?
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Usually the helmet light is a spot beam and is pointed straight ahead so as you turn your head to look around a bend the light will do the same. There is no nead to have a helmet light pointing at the ground as your bar light will already be lighting that for you and as the helmet light will moving with your head you may find it distracting to have it's beam dancing around on the ground.

Set the helmet light for spotting things in the distance and for looking into corners, sounds like you have your bar light just fine.
Thanks for the tip.......I'll try that out on my first ride (hopefully soon) !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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