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I noticed that there seems to be a fire sale of sorts on the 2003 (Greenfish) & 2004 (Supergo) Black Elites for under $200.

I'm wondering how they stack up against a 2004 Marzocchi MX Comp w/ ETA? (assuming it could be had for under $200)


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Hard Decision....

But knowing the Manitou's policy of discontinuing spares after three years, I'd rather take the newer models.

Also, I'd prefer the MX Comp for reliability. Some dudes had complained of stripping brake mounting bolts on Blacks and Reverse Arch Casting breakages. I have had two Manitou forks and so far, they are still on and going. So even when I haven't had problems if the rumors are out there there should be a reason.

I hadn't heard too many complaint from MX users on the other hand.
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