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Aggressive XC Tubeless

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I'm pretty sure that I want to go with a set of wheels from BWW, however I'm a little torn on the direction.

Bike: 2007 Mongoose Canaan Elite
Tires: IRC Mibro 2.25 front, IRC Mibro 2.1 back
Rider: Beginner/intermediate, 200lbs
Terrain: I live in the PNW and a lot of the trails I ride are fast and flowing. That said, I don't like to slow down a lot for obstacles, wheelie, bunnyhop etc. I don't really do much jumping, but I think it should hold up to 2-3' jumps.

I know that I definitely want to go tubeless because of the blackberry thorns we have in this area, however I have zero experience with tubeless systems. I feel I'm pretty aware of the different systems UST, ghetto stans etc. I'm not a fan of my current wheels as they aren't very stiff (WTB LaserDisc Lite)

Originally, I was thinking about the 719 with the BWW hubs and convert them to tubeless. I was thinking that it might be nice to have a bombproof wheelset that is going to take a lot of abuse as I really don't race. This lead me to look into the 819, but 2000g wheels on a 4in bike?

The BWW hubs and wheelset is very interesting because of the low weight, but I would have to convert them if I want to go tubeless and at their low weight, I'm a little concerned with durability.

I plan on calling BWW, but their number is not working. Any recommendations?
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I think it's really hard t go wrong with the 819s. I have them on all of my bikes except for 823s on the DH bike.

It's so nice to be able to just mount the tire and have it seal up without having to fuss around. It's also nice to have wheels that hold up. My trailbike's wheels are handbuilt (by me) M965 hubs, revolutions and 819s and they've been going strong for 5 years. - Get the Arch rims with the ZTR hubs, or AC hubs if you want to go lighter. These rims are built for aggressive xc/AM riding, but they still don't weigh much and they're already tubeless ready with a little yellow tape and a valve.
I've got 819's on my 6" bike and LOVE them. I built the wheelset a few months ago and I haven't had to fuss with it once, I've put them through a beating for sure too!

Only thing to consider is that you will need to get a UST tire to go with it which narrows the options. The ZTR series can run most non tubeless tires as well if you get the sealant. I have a stans strip in my 819's because I couldn't stop the sealant from bleeding out around the bead without it when using non-UST tires. I would have gotten the ZTR Arch but I got a killer deal on the Mavic rims and I already had Stans strips laying around.
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