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Aftermarket Carbon Levers

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I was talking to a friend today, and the subject came up. Did a bit of searching, but I couldn't find anything. Does anyone know if there's a company which'll make (custom even) carbon levers for a Magura Gustav/Julie?
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I looked all over the place for aftermarket carbon fiber levers/blades but they're pretty rare.

There's one seller from Japan on Ebay who hand makes them but I think he was asking upwards of $150 a pair. Even the blades from Magura for their Marta SL's (for those wanting to upgrade their Marta's) cost over $150.

I caved in and ordered a pair of Formula Oro's. :D
Oooh. Do you have a link to the guy on ebay?
Anyone know of carbon levers for Avid Juicy 7's ?
I *think* the juicy carbon lever will cross-fit, not sure about the juicy ultimate lever.
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