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Hi, I am looking at this frame and am wanting your opinions on it, here is the garb on it

The Keewee Bravo XC frame was designed with two very important tasks in mind, incredible cross country speed, and no fuss functional but stylish design. With only 68mm of rear wheel travel, it is not designed to take on massive drops but to effectively soak up the small ripple bumps and tree roots and rocks that sap speed and energy. The patented Two Camm design of dual dampened rear triangle delivers 68mm of travel while the Scuzzi Carboyoke Chainstay eliminates the need for traditional bearing axle assemblies. This reduces weight and increases the lateral stiffness without compromising on travel or performance.


Material: Full Aluminium 7005 Bondo Ergo-welding


•Head Tube: Alloy 7005, Internal headset mechanism to fit
•Down Tube: Alloy 7005
•Seat Tube: Alloy 7005 ID: Ø27.2 x OD: 31.8mm
•Top Tube: Alloy 7005

•Replaceable SCUZZI Carboyoke C/S, Alloy S-bend S/S, CNC Disc dropouts

•Bottom Bracket shell width: 68mm
•Rear axle width: Standard 135 x 10mm
•Rear brake: International Standard Disc and V-brake compatible
Available frame sizes:

•17 inch / 43cm
•19 inch / 48cm
•21 inch / 53cm
Measurements are taken from the centre of the BB to the top of the seat tube. (C-T)



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Interesting design. I see they only have the 21" in stock.

My concern would be the flexing carbon swingarm and stiffener in front of the seat tube.

The entire rear end looks laterally flexy also, and the front tri looks overbuilt.

By the time you add the price of the shock to it, it will be a fairly pricey for what it is. With 68mm of rear travel I think you would be better off buying a decent hardtail. Post up if you ending up buying it.

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No reason it wouldn't work. Whether it lives up long term is separate. Ibis/castellano did/does flat plate chainstays, cannondale scalpals had carbon tube stays with a flattened point near halfway on the stretch, which was the actual pivot point, gretna has an all carbon pivotless rear with no shock for riding specific trails in pennsylvania...

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It could work very well. But that is just a guess.

I suspect nobody outside New Zealand and maybe Australia really knows anything about that model or brand.
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