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After owning Kona, Sintesi, Iron Horse.....finally became Intense owner!

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I never thought I would buy an Intense because always thought it is too much or too racy for me.

But models like 5.5, 6.6, Uzzi attracted me a lot and thinking I want to buy an Intense some day.

I found late 2005 5.5 on auction and got it around $1300. It does not have the latest rear link but I thought it is good enough to step in.

Do you now how much it costs to change the rear link to the latest?
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hammerheadbikes said:
you can order the link from Push
I don't think Intense is selling them aftermarket just yet.. Products
Thank you for your information, my frame came and the bottom link was one piece, so I won't have to worry about the strength I guess? What I was talking about was the rear triangle. Can I buy new rear triangle that allow to fit tires over 2.5 inch width alone?

Also, the frame I bought gets stuck at the beginning of the travel. It seems the rear link piece is hitting with the edge of the rear triangle at the bottom (around the bearing area). Has anyone experienced this?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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