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After birth and riding

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My wife will be giving birth to our first child in May.
We are hoping for a natural birth, but some complications may not allow for it.
What we are wondering is how long after birth, natural or c-section, did it take for you to get back on a saddle? Anything we should consider besides the "sit bones" being further apart?
The reason for this is we would like to plan our riding trip, but we don't know when.
My wife did say that we could just do a dh trip, as there is not much sitting while going downhill!
Thanks for your help,
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You go by the advice of your md or midwife for when it's appropriate to resume various activities. All of us will have had different experiences, from easy to tearing to c sections. Keep in mind that new mommies and daddies are pretty darn exhausted, too.

I'd give yourself at least two/three months after the estimated birth to plan a vacation, not necessarily to resume riding. If she has a c section, I do believe that the healing period ( ie, do nothing because of abdominal suturing) is 6 weeks.
after birth and riding

I was prepared to advise that you could leave the after birth on the trail and now I see this was another case of an ambiguous subject line.

Then again, maybe the "leave no trace" people would say to pack it out anyway.
You would be correct, it was a long day for me (yes, probably longer for my wife).

Thanks for your reply Formica.

I am stuck on this hypothetical. Say one subscribes to the bring it in, pack it out philosophy. You're 15 miles from the trailhead and have one unneeded placenta, and only commonly-carried mtb gear to haul it out. Strategies?
a) cook it and eat it
b) bury it under a tree
I wasn't interested in sitting on a bike seat for 6 weeks after either a drugged up (#1) and natural (#2) birth.
At a race I assisted with several years ago, the 2nd place woman had just given birth 8 weeks earlier. She was pretty far ahead of the rest of the people behind her as well. Though I'm betting her "results are not typical".
Ditto what formica said.

My experience: I rode 5-1/2 weeks after delivering twins ... but not very far. :) No issues with sitting, even that soon, and I've had no issues using the same saddle that I had on my bike before. In terms of energy, I felt more like my "pre-birth" self about 3 months after delivering. One other thing you didn't mention that you may want to consider: breastfeeding makes it hard to be away from the baby (or a pump) for just so long. I've got a maybe 5-hr window for driving to the trails, riding, and driving home; after that, things get pretty painful.
After 13 hours of labor and then a C-section (2x), plus nursing it took apporximately 3 months to get back on the bike. And even then 3 hours away from the baby was difficult, pressure builds up quick and you start to leak. The weight of DH armor would really start the flow LOL! I would also consider your wifes energy level. Get a few weeks of the baby sleeping through the night and let her catch-up. And if she is nursing she needs body fat to make the milk, trimming down to quickly can effect production and quality. Aaaah the memories. And most importantly CONGRATZ!
I was hoping for some placenta-on-a-bike pics.
Thanks everyone for the great info.
As of now I think we will be postponing the trip until September.

As for the placenta on the saddle, you will have to wait until May!
formica said:
a) cook it and eat it
b) bury it under a tree
Both excellent suggestions. But you still need a stove (no campfires), or bury it away from a stream and at least 6 inches deep.

I think I would try to stuff/pour/coax it into one of those widemouth camelbak bladders and pack it out.

Reckon that'd probably become my loaner bladder from then on though.
I had twins (vag delivery) on April 14th. Bought my 1st road bike April 25th and hit the road for the 1st time in years on April 29th! Granted it was just under 20 miles, but for being preggo 2 weeks earlier and not being on a bike in years I felt SO good! Seat problems were not as issue as I had a very easily delivery...complications after but didn't affect how I sat. Also I was a surrogate so didn't have any babies to take care of that would wear me down. But riding wise it was very easy to take short 20 mile trips right away.
wunderhorn said:
Coyotes, Mother Natures garbage trucks. :D
I know your post has been up for a while, but here is what I experienced. I had an natural vag birth, no drugs, no complications, hurt like heck:yikes: . The doctor will tell you wait 6 weeks, and she should do that (I know it is hard to wait, but you both will be sleep deprived and she will be sore). I got on my bike the day of my 6 weeks "release for the doctor"and just road around the neighborhood. I was riding normal a week after that, no crazy stuff just normal dirt trails, didn't have to change the seat or anything. I was back to normal in 8-10 weeks. If you have trails close by, it is great to have a sitter for an hour or two and go for a quick ride, we did that a lot! Don't forget to get your Burley trailer too:thumbsup:
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