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I was thinking about swapping the 2x10 parts from my current bike to the new monster/gravel bike I am building. But, I am seeing all these 1x builds and it has me tempted. So, I am thinking go 1x and slowly build the bike up to spread out the cost a bit and still ride my current one. My question is what is the best affordable 1x10, 11, or 12 groupset? Would it be sram eagle nx? I would like to go 11-38 in cassette and 32 or 36; so, I would need a medium or long rear derailleur. I plan to be doing 50% road riding(with some inclines) and 50% gravel and hill riding. Going fast isn't really that big of a priority for me.

I know there is Sram eagle, sx, nx and gx, which I am seeing rear 11spd derailleur going for under $100 new and used with cassettes under $50, but then there is cost of gear shifters and brake levers(I have trp mechanical brakes). Or would going with sunrace 1x12spd groupset, be more cost efficient(once in sell the gear shifter since I will be running a drop bar setup)? Some advice would be appreciated. I would still need a 1x crank set, would either Sram or Sunrace work with FSA 1x crankset I am seeing all over ebay? I would still need a 1x crankset, but would FSA 1x one work with either Sunrace or Sram groupset? Thank you!

Sunrace groupset I am looking at, which also lets me swap to a 2x setup I wanted as a bonus.
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