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Advocacy help Vote to WIN a bike

Would you all please help support this project in Carpentersville, IL by voting for it to win a $33,000 grant from Bell helmets. The park is being constructed by volunteers and is solely funded from generous donations and industry grants. Unfortunately for us in this region we do not have a legal bike park within 3 hour drive other than one in the heart of Chicago. I personally have spent the last 2 years and hundreds of hours to get the project off the ground.

Visit: and vote for Andres Bike Park.
Vote early, vote often (do you have multiple email addresses, additional family and friends that would like to help us win?)
Andres Bike Park - Chicagoland mountain bike, bmx, and freeride park

Thank you and I very much appreciate your time.

We are doing an awesome contest that starts right now. You could win A BIKE. Yup you heard it. Check out the picture for the complete story.

The way this will work is you must VOTE for Andres Bike Park.
Forward your email confirmation that Bell sends you to: [email protected]

KEY: YOU MUST VOTE NOW THROUGH MAY 4TH! That means if you have already voted, sorry but this event is trying to get those last voters who HAVEN'T VOTED to get on this!

You can win your choice of a Redline Syntax or a Scott Voltage YZO.2 demo donated by Main Street Bicycles!
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