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Just crashing in on this topic:)
I am about to buy a new 2019 Epic Expert ( or maybe the s-works)

I am 181 cm and inner leg lenght is 83cm. From 2013-2016 I rode a 2013 Epic size medium with a 90mm stem. I was just getting in to mtb and the size seemed to fit. I switched to Cannondale f-si the next years and size M. and the last year I have ridden a Cannondale Scalpel size L. There were pros and cons switching to a size L but with some fine tuning the overall result was okay.

now I want to get back to Epic again. Went by the dealer and sat on a medium and a large.
The medium was a bit cramped because of the short stem that comes stock on the new models. But upgrading to a 100/110mm will make it fit like the Large.
Any good advice? Going smaller with longer stem or bigger with a shorter stem?
I ride on XC trails, but like to go the marathon distance sometimes.
Best regards​

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