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Advice: s-bent seatstays for Jet9

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Hi Niner guys,
First of all, I love my jet9 2008 :thumbsup: .
One little remark though...
The anodising of the seatstays is wearing off due to my heals rubbing them sometimes.
I run a Middleburn RS8 crankset on a 113 TA Axix Ti BB, yielding 165mm Q-factor.
The cranks have 0.4" (1cm) clearance with the chainstays, so I guess not at the limit there ;) .
My Scott Team has size 44, not a 'bigfoot' either:) .
Did 882km (548,17 miles) till now.
Don't know if the 2009 version has this issue solved but for 2010 I would certainly make this improvement.
For now I'm going to use some stickers I got lying around...
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Better yet, why not try wrapping the stays with some old inner tube to help protect from that and chainslap :thumbsup: I've only got about 1cm clearance between the cranks and stays and have no rubbing issues on my '08 RIP9.
No such problem on my 2009.
Chainstays are bent but not the seatstays.
Wouldn't bent seatstays reduce tyre clearance???
I guess I've got crappy "'duck-style" pedalling (toe out, heel in too much).
Bending the seat stays wouldn't change anything about tire clearance.
Would advice the same bend as the chainstay (no problem with tire clearance there, is it?)
Was going to suggest that you should maybe get your cleat angle checked.
TR said:
Was going to suggest that you should maybe get your cleat angle checked.
Have done that.
Went to somebody who does this profesionally: bike geometry check and cleat positioning.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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