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I'm not a noob rider, but I've definitely got a noob question about components. I'm probably going about this wrong, so I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Now I have an 02 Specialized Enduro Comp and I've ridden it to the point that everything is worn out. The chain rings, chain and cassette all need replacement. The BB is noisy. I need to replace fork seals and have the OEM Fox Float R shock rebuilt (again). Even though I have replaced the brake pads, the brakes are pretty weak. So here's what I'm thinking:
--buy a new Fox shock with propedal (like an RP3?). The OEM is 7.625 long, and fox only sells 7.50 or 7.875, so I will get the longer one. That's gonna affect my geometry, espec. the steering head angle.
--so instead of rebuilding the fork, I'll buy a new fork--such as Marzocchi MX comp--in a 120mm travel (compared to the OEM100mm) The longer length should compensate for the longer rear shock and get my geometry back in a reasonable range.
--buy a new Shimano XT crankset, cassette and chain.
--buy replacement brake discs and bleed the brakes.

I've seen some good deals on components at online shops like jenson usa, so I would rather buy the parts myself and assemble them.

Problem is, it is hard to find info about hte compatibility of various components like cranksets and cassettes with my existing frame, wheels, etc. Has anyone found a comprehensive reference source on the web?

Its also hard to find info on fork length. Just becuase a new shock has 20mm more travel than stock, it may not be 20mm longer overall--depending on the design of hte specific fork. How standardized are fork lenghts, and how do you buy one that will maintain or acheive a specific steering geometry when they don't publish the dimensions. I assume the key dimension would really be axle to bottom bearing race?

Any advice on how to work through locating the right parts? Should I just call jenson?

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I had a 2002 Enduro baseline model (the blue one) that I loved and eventually started upgrading. Just this past May, I found a crack in the frame and got warrantied a new one, but I still have a few of the OEM parts. Both frames are identical in terms of specifications, however, so I think I might be able to help you out.

Going to a 7.875 shock will be fine, but you will have to flip the link to help compensate for the longer i2i. There is a thread on this board somewhere about fixing up Enduros with new shocks, so do a search and maybe you can come up with some good help on that thread.

Buying a new fork will also help, and any fork with a 1 1/8 steerer will fit your frame. However, you obviously will not want to get too much travel for the frame. 120 mm should be fine. I may be wrong, but I believe that as far as length goes, anything will be fine considering you cut the steerer tube to fit your frame; as far as I know, that will be the only alteration you should (might) have to make to the fork.

As far as crankset/cassette/chain things go, I'd buy a new bottom bracket as well, or even better yet, one of the new external bearing brackets/crankset combos. Any of the Hollowtech cranksets are good, and I just purchased a Truvativ Stylo crankset which works with the included GXP bottom bracket. They are all one piece, so they are supposedly pretty stiff. It installs MUCH easier than any bottom bracket/crankset combo that I've ever used before (though I upgraded from a square taper shimano alivio crankset). The 2002 Enduro uses a 68 mm shell, so look for compatibility issues (though I believe all of the Truvativ models are designed for 68 mm.

As far as specs go, these are pulled off of the Spec website (though they are for my baseline 2002 Enduro, so some things may be different. The specs for the frame, however, are all the same.

Frame: Specialized A1 aluminum
Fork: Marzocchi MXC
Component Group: Mountain Mix
Geometry: 69.5 - 70.5 adjustable/68.0 - 69.0 adjustable
Top Tube: 61.0cm
Chainstay: 42.4cm
BB Shell Width: 68mm English
Seatpost Diameter: 30.9mm
Handlebar: Specialized LowRise
Pedals: Shimano PD-M505 SPD
Saddle: Specialized Body Geometry Pro
Seatpost: aluminum, 30.9mm diameter
Tires: Specialized New Enduro Pro
Weight: Unspecified

Frame Geometry:
Standover Height: 737 mm
Top Tube Length: 610 mm
Head Tube Length: 120 mm
Head Angle: 69.5/70.5 Degrees
Seat Angle: 68/69 Degrees
Wheel Base: 1116 mm
Chain Stay Length: 424 mm
Fork Offset: 39 mm
Stem Length: 90 mm, 5 degree rise.
BB Height: 335/352 mm

The picture below is my bike :) It's come a long way since its original build!

Good luck with your build! Post up some pics and feel free to put up more questions!
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