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I need help deciding whether to transfer over my 2006 Lefty Speed DLR2 (110mm) from my old frame to a new Giant Anthem X3 frame or to stick with the Giant's Fox F100RL (100mm).

I've raced my Rush 600 pretty regularly over the last five years and I have replaced everything but the rear shock (Fox Float) and the frame by now. The Lefty has been overhauled and is in great condition. I'm looking for a full-suspension XC race bike that is more maneuverable in the tight and twisty stuff than my Rush. My challenge is keeping the price of the frame swap to a minimum. I'm trying to decide if I should buy just the Anthem X frame (which comes with a nice RP23 shock) and swap over everything I can and buy an adapter to put my Lefty on it. My other option is to buy a complete Anthem X3 and sell the parts of the new bike that aren't as good as what's on my upgraded Rush. Both options seem to come out to the same price.

What does the new Fox F100 RL have that my Lefty doesn't (besides an extra empty fork leg)? What will the extra 10mm of Lefty have on the Giant's maneuverability?
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