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Advice on new bike please

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Hey guys! I am new here and pretty much to mountain biking. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ride in the Ozarks. I have taken my old (13 years) trek hard tail through the local trails but I am at the point where I am going to have to start replacing parts. Anyhow, I found a Kona One 20 Deluxe today that was 1500 and is now on closeout for 1000. Is this a good price? I read there were some issues with the front shox but I am a light rider ( 140lbs). Any comments or experience with that model would be great!
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$1000 could get you a very nice used bike. I personally wouldn't pay $1000 for a bike with a dart fork and bar shock.
You'll be amazed what you may find yourself spending money on if it feels right. Meaning, after you've test ridden a few bikes (those below and above your price range) you'll get a feel for what you've been looking for. It may sound like a cliche, but it will choose you. Having said that, I would also figure into your budget a decent helmet, patch kit or spare tube, leatherman tool (for quick fixes).
As for the front shox, I ride a full rigid so I'll have to defer to those with rigs with a little boing.:D

Good luck and enjoy.! Don't forget to throw up some pics or the new ride!
Would the GT Marathon Elite for the same price be a better deal? Nashbar has them in closeout.
Ride it before you buy it. I made the mistake of not getting a true to size first bike and all the crotch planting I did while learning cost me more money by making me buy a second bike. I now have a hard tail and a FS in my stable, so not too sad. But take my advice, ride before buy regardless of the deal.
I can find a place to try out and get a good size. I was asking more about the components and overall bike.
tbothwel said:
Would the GT Marathon Elite for the same price be a better deal? Nashbar has them in closeout.
Yes it would. Much better fork and a good part spec for the price :thumbsup:
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