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My wife wants/needs a new bike this year.

A FS, short to med travel, lighter weight, 29er is what she wants and would be good for what she mostly rides.

Of course she locked in on the bike she thought looked the coolest, the orange 2014 Salsa Spearfish 2.

2014 Spearfish 2 | Bikes | Salsa Cycles

While a bit short on rear travel (80mm) the bike will be good for 90% of what she rides, and should be a good fit. The price seems high for the spec however at about $3,300 retail.

I'm looking to spend about $3,000. Any thoughts on this bike or other options?

Used, or frames only would be fine also, but she takes a small, and in 29ers choices are limited.


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It is high for an X7 build with Avid brakes to replace.
I'd want to demo some Santa Cruz or Juliana bikes like the Joplin 2 with SLX/Deore and 120mm/100mm rear for $3k.
But there may be another option.
I demoed a new Superfly 9.8 carbon hard tail against the Fuel Ex 9.8 and Remedy models. The rear compliance was exceptional and it still has trail feel. For your price range a 9.6 with an upgrade wheelset would be a lot lighter and is fun to ride. 15.5 is smaller than you think on this bike.
Mine with my own part choice is 22lbs.+ with pedals and Wide Lightning wheelset.
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