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Advice on converting my SS Rigid to geared

1197 Views 3 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  jlane3965 my bike the way it is but need some gears and suspension for some trips into the mountains. I'm not mechanical in anyway but have a friend who'll do it for me if I source all the parts. Have an '09 Raleigh XXIX SS 29er Rigid: Need some advice on everything I need to source, parts wise, to make the change. I'd like to make it a 1x9(8) with a decent fork and not spend a fortune.(will likely look to ebay for the better, used parts: cassette, 80 mm susp fork, chain, shifter, etc) Would like to keep current chain ring. Any suggestions would be appreciated on parts I might not remember..(hanger, etc) Any pitfalls I may not be considering on how this conversion may change my ride. Will probably stay in my ss gear still but......for those long climbs to the top and or rough technicals, I think I have to do this. Thanks!
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I converted my 07 XXIX to a 3 speed using the original cassette hub, 3 cogs from an old 7 speed cassette (15, 19, 23), the der. hanger for the geared version (XXIX+G), an old road derailleur, and an XT thumbie. I had to run the housing full length, and zip tie it along the top tube and seatstay.

Unless things have changed a lot with the newest version of the XXIX you'll need:

1.) the derailleur hanger for the geared version
2.) a cassette hub that can accept the number of gears you want
3.) a 9 speed cassette
4.) the appropriate derailleur and shifter
5.) 4-5 feet of derailleur cable housing
6.) the cable.
7.) some zip ties.
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You should also get an N-gear jump stop to keep the chain from derailling to the inside. For the fork, you'll need a crown race that matches your headset and a star nut.

Personally, I'd keep it a single speed and just add a suspension fork if the mountains in question are rocky or technical. If you get tired on a long fire road climb, just take a breather and then start rolling again - that is usually faster than slowly grinding your way up while seated and spinning.
Grinding it out..

You're right. That's the determination I've come to. After considerable thought and a spin on my other 1x9, 26" stumpy..........there's no way I'm converting this. SS29erigid's the way to go. Gotta just grind it out! Thanks for the support.
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