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This is probably worth the minute or two it takes to read it:

We Would Like to Apologize for the Service -

There's some good advice in there. For example: don't put too much stock in what you read (here or in magazines), and make an appointment. I've done that for the last two bikes I've brought home. In my cases we were building up frames to my spec, and it was worth it to find a quiet time to sit down with the shop owner and talk about what I wanted. But that applies to you shopping for your first bike just as much. You don't want to be competing for attention.

I'll add one more: don't try to impress the shop guys with how much you know or have learned; if it's a decent shop, they know more than you and won't tell you that you need a new Johnson rod. And on the flip side, don't feel you need to apologize for what you don't know.

If anyone has more tips, post them up!
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