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I presently own a 2009 Titus FTM with a full XTR build. I also own a 2006 Titus Moto Lite. I have owned Titus bikes for about 7 or 8 years now.
All of these bikes have been built up by me, I have not bought a LBS bike in over 10 years.

In the last month I have factory demoed a Gary Fisher Superfly 100 29" full suspension 3 times. I really like this bike. The only other 29" that I have ridden is the Pivot Mach 429.
I rode the GF again today and am contemplating buying this bike some time this week.

Not only do I like the 29", but IMHO this bike really rules. I feel so confident and really enjoyed my time riding.
However, I am not too fond of buying a bike that I can't build up myself though, and the components that I have on my present bike are better than the GF. Yes, I could swap out some of the components off the Titus if I purchased the GF.

My question here is this, am I just drinking the cool aid and not thinking straight or should I be looking for a different bike all together?

I would love to ride the Santacruz Tallboy, and would just buy the frame and swap all the components out. I am also aware of the frame issues on the GF, and that concerns me a little. At over $5000 for a bike, it seems to me a lot of money here. I have that in my Titus, and feel I have more bike for the money, or at least at the time that I built it up.
One other thing, I would like my next bike to last a few + years.

Other opinions here would be greatly appreciated!

Rider info:
50 years old
No racing involved or ever will be
Trail riding on Georgia trails
170 lbs, somewhat aggressive rider at times


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as far as components go having ridden and raced both full XTR and this year switching to full SRAM X9 i struggle to even put the xtr's up agains the x9 as the sram stuff if set right is the fastest most crisp mountain component group i have ever personally ridden. I would love to give X0 a try cause i really dont see how they can make it any better to be completely honest. Also the Noir Cranks are unbelievable.

just my .02 on the components.

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