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Advice needed! ~750USD To Spend on XC Bike

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OK, I've been riding since I can remember but I am moving west and south to Santa Clara, CA, and I'm wanting to find a bike that is right for me.

I'm 6'4", 190lbs, and I love to ride long runs, say about 70-80km runs or so, on trails. I haven't really daddled in the 'scene' lately, so my trails I would say will have 1-2 foot drops, some jumps, but mainly just rocks/roots etc. Ascents are very important as well.

I am quite sure I want a hardtail, as I would rather spend the dough on good components than on a mediocre FS. Plus, if it can't be locked out or have some sort of bob protection, I don't want it.

So, what bikes are right for me? My bike now that I am leaving behind is a ... Trek ... Old Trek hehe. I've scratched off the number on the frame, but something like a 9200 or so, its a carbon fibre frame with Rock Shox Judy on the front :) To me the sport is about riding, not drooling over the latest components so don't take me for someone new to the entire thing hehe.

I'm noticing that a lot of frames are looking like those dirt jumper bikes the kids are riding these days, where the seat steam rides a bit lower and the front looks like its raked up. Is this the best frame for XC? A couple of years back I rode some Rocky Mountain frames, I loved those bikes.

I have NO problem buying used, or buying an older year. Disc brakes at this moment are a must, I'm tired of v-brakes and riding on other bikes, especially tough downhills, makes me long for the loving of discs. I'd rather have a higher quality frame and derailleur then the best possible forks available... then again if there is an older FS bike that will fit the bill, well, let me know.

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After reading a lot about the different types people are suggesting, I don't want to buy online so that rules out Ibex or Iron Horse.
I just bought 2 Specialized Rockhopper Disc. One for me and one for my wife. So far they have been great. I paid $550 for my wife's and $699 for mine. I looked at 6 different LBS and everyone else had them for $799. Check them out!!!
I would look at Jamis Durango 3.0, and check to see about last years bikes, My LBS says they still have some 05 bikes on clearance sheets. you might find last years exile withing 100 bucks of what you want.

As far as the durango, a Manitou Axel plat. fork with lockout, Deore drivetrain, Truvativ firex cranks, Hayes hydro discs.

Good luck

Hmm, the Rockhopper Pro Disc looks good, I'm looking for components a bit better than whats on the regular Disc.
Hm that Durango looks nice. How are the Jamis frames? I have not heard of them before. Is the Hayes discs the single piston design?
Folks always mention Iron Horse as an internet only type of bike, but I got my '06 Warrior Comp. at Performance which is one of the largest LBS shops around. They are always right up there in bang for the buck, so you might not wish to disregard them if there is going to be a Performance store near you. And, Performance also price matches internet ads in addition to local competition so you can often get a crazy deal (got my bike for $350 back in May, which is far under anything I can find out there now - they price matched a local big box store who was having a 30% off all bikes sale that weekend). Not to mention lifetime adjustments and 10% back in store credit when I joind their "Team Performance" for $20.
Anyway, not trying to steer you toward Iron Horse, just providing a possible alternative. Best of luck with whatever you go with.
It'll probably get a lot more specific in the models I'll choose from when I move down there, because I'll see what the LSB stores have.
Folks always mention Iron Horse as an internet only type of bike,

I got my Iron Horse at LBS too.

Don't ask me how long ago tho...
for your size I would look at the trek 6500 and put a brook b-67 seat on it
We sell Iron Horse at the shop. I just don't think you will be happy on an all aluminum bike coming from a full composite. Here is what I think of carbon :madman:

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How about a Giant Rainier?

If you are moving to Santa Clara, you can get on at the OffRamp on the El Camino. I've bout three bikes from their Mountain View store a few miles away, and have had great service.
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