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So i'm looking at either a Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe or a Trek EX8....both '!?

I'm a 6 foot 260lbs guy. Have demo'ed both a few times but am having a tough time making a decision. I'm not able to get them out on the trail, so am not able to test their limits. The rear suspension setups seem to be quite different.....someone telling me that the HiFi is more of a cross country platform vs. the EX8 being more of a downhill platform????.......horizontal vs. vertical.....Fox RP2. The two forks.....Fox 32 Float vs. F Series 32 RL.

Any advice? Tips? Suggestions? What frame size should I be looking at? The HiFi was 17.5.....the EX8, 18.5

I was leaning towards the HiFi and thought I had made up my mind but then another fella in the shop put his two cents in saying that if he were me he would go EX8 because it was a larger frame....and a few inches longer then the HiFi....thinking it would be better for my weight/height.

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