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Hello All,

I am new here so go easy on me. I love to ride but am not very good at it. I like going uphill more than down and prefer the less technical stuff. I am 6'1" and weigh 200lbs.

I have two bikes. The original yellow Santa Cruz Superlight was run down and beat up and frankly ugly. I bought a new SC last year with upgraded components. Instead of selling the old bike I have decided to use it to learn about all of the components etc. and how to do my own maintenance.

I stripped the bike of everything and brought it to a local auto paint guy who put a nice new white paint job on it. I am now in the process of choosing components to rebuild this bike. This is where you guys come in.

Based on the type of riding I like to do I need advice on everything.

rear shock
front shock
drive train
etc. etc. etc.

should I consider a single front gear? I've seen this on some bikes. That's pretty much how I ride, the middle front gear.

Any other advice would be appreciated.


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From the sound of it you want a light XC bike, since you prefer climbing and less technical terrain. Which means in general you should look for lightweight equipment. A very important thing is your budget. But I will tell you how I would build it up for a mid to high budget.

rear shock I am not familiar enough with your frame and leverage ratios of the design to recomend a shock. You might want to ask in the SC forum

front shock Rockshox SID (I don't know what travel you need, but since you like climbing I would want to get the length fork that will give you about a 71 deg head angle)

bars Ritchey WCS carbon. Riser if you like wide bars with more sweep, flat if you like a narrower starighter bar

seats My favorite seat is the WTB Rocket V SLT, its comfortable and light

posts Ritchey WCS carbon

brakes Avid Elixir CR

drive train Shimano XT or XTR

wheels Mavic Crossmax ST

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Since money appears to be no object, this might be a good starting point:
rear shock = Fox RP23
front shock = Fox Float
bars = Race Face or Easton
stem = Thomson
seats = what do you like?
posts = Thomson
brakes = Avid Elixir
headset = CK or CC110
drive train = XT

Forgot wheels - check out mavic crossmax.

1x9 sounds like fun, I'm thinking about shedding my lower ring at somepoint this season.

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Thanks. 1x9 sounds interesting with the chain guards? Money is an object but this is a relatively inexpensive hobby compared to the one I gave up when the kids came along, boating. You could spend this much on one rod easily.
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