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Advice:Enduro ISCG Tab Damage / Hammerschmidt

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I am looking for help with an ISCG Tab question regarding my 2008 Enduro Expert.

I asked my LBS mechanic about installing a Hammerschmidt on my Enduro. He replied, "your ISCG tabs are chewed up and we can't install a Hammerschmidt."

I looked at the tabs and it raised 3 questions:
1) How could I have damaged the tabs?
The day I purchased the Expert, the LBS installed the Shimano M665 SLX crank set and FDR which is still on there, today. I have not turned a screw on the bike since I purchased it. I take excellent care of my Enduro with regular maintenance after rides and through the LBS.

2) Did the tabs come already damaged? If so, will Specialized warranty the repair or replacement?

3) Could I have damaged the tabs while riding or could the LBS have damaged the tabs when installing the SLX?

What would you do?

As a side note, the LBS is 'stand up' in how they handle issues. Truly one of the best merchants I have had the privilege of doing business with.

Thanks for the help.
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That'll be a challenge but I'll see what I can do...
How about just looking at your tabs and seeing if they're damaged. I can't imagine a way installing a crankset could damage the tabs. They don't touch.

The tabs generally get damaged riding, particularly rocky tech. Hammerschmidt is very sensitive to tab integrity.
When your chain comes off it will damage the ISCG tabs.
If your LBS has installed Hammerschidt cranksets before they should have a special tool to reface the tabs square to the crank line axis if they cant do this find another bike shop that can.
I have seen several set's of ISCG tabs that were damaged , but they can be repaired .
Its not that difficult to correct them .
But it does take some tooling and some times some fab work , but they all can work !!
Thank you for the replies. I think Blatant hit the nail on the chain has been coming off a lot. Hence, my looking to move to a Hammerschmidt. I'll see if they can repair the tabs and go from there. Take care.
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