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My Cannondale Rize is worn out beyond repair, and I now really need to get myself a new bike. Can you give me some advice? In principle I could buy myself a frame and build the bike from that, but it is often better value to buy a complete bike. In any case, my constraints are:
  • Frame: definitely must be 29" XL, full suspension, preferably carbon.
  • I am craving for the Magura eLect system, hence I need the Magura fork and rear shock
  • I currently have the Reverb Stealth dropper seatpost, and I love it. It needs a way of routing the hydraulic line through the frame though, and not many frames allow for that (I have drilled a hole in the Rize frame).
  • After flying 360° over the handlebars twice (and breaking two ribs in the process), I would really prefer a slack head angle which may lower the likelihood of a third incident.
  • I could go for a 3x10 XTR drivetrain, but I am intrigued by the new 2x10 systems as well.
  • Brakes will definitely be Shimano XTR.
  • Budget can go up to 6'000$

I am very excited and keen to receive ideas and advice. Thank you in advance!
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