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So with the sun shining brightly and the weather warmer than expected, I donned my gear and camelback for a new years ride around Green Mountain. Overall, it was mostly dry with very few spots of standing water. The biggest " obstacles" were the many hikers and dogs...but even they were all very polite and fun to be around.
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The most snow I rode through was along the northeast side- right through the burn zone (which is STILL greener than the rest). What a day-what a ride I was thinking as I coasted eastward along Alameda..went to cross the street when CRUUUUNCH went my chain. At first I figured that the ghost shifting I encountered along the last part of the trail had caused the chain to come off the cassette...but there was no chain on the front rings!!! I walked my bike across the street and upon further inspection found this...

Bicycle tire Tire Wheel Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle wheel

Wheel Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle tire Spoke Bicycle part

At least the breaking took place at theend of my ride...but I couldn't ride to work today...bummer. The worst part is that this hanger was only 2 months old and had only seen Green mountain once and street riding to and from work! GRRRRR!:madmax:

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He just wanted us to sit at our computers and turn to the right then the left, right then left. I managed to get a few pops out of my neck! No time like the present to convert to a singlespeed:thumbsup:
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