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Heads up Flyboy!!
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Hey Guys and Gals,

I'll be taking the Advanced Wilderness First Aid training at Nantahala Outdoor Center Feb 2-5th, 2006.
This is a great course for mountain bikers or those who are in the wilderness for just a day trip or extended stays. Accidents can and do happen in the backcountry where you may not be able to reach 911 and often most people do not know how to deal with a emergency. This leads to improper patient care and can endanger a group. This Training which stresses preparedness and prevention encompasses all phases of off-road emergencies and focuses on extended care issues on prolonged transport situations. This first aid program addresses these issues of providing emergency care in a rural, wilderness, or extended care setting.
I thought a few of you may be interested in this with the death at Bent Creek and earlier this year, the death at Trace Ridge.
Check out the details atWilderness 1st Aid Course

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