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Adrenalin update Monday April 25, 2005

First things first the adrenalin trail crew has transformed the trails and I’m happy to say we are confident that anyone who has ridden the trails over the past two months will not recognize them… that a good thing.

We still have five bridges to build, four of these will replace bridges that have been constructed over the last few months, but need to be upgraded for long term sustainability. The last one is in the “extreme make over home edition” scale. Jim (Kenda fame) & Stuart will be constructing the mammoth bridge that takes you home over the Hurkey Creek (really there is a Hurkey Creek).

For those not yet signed up, its still not to late to join us for a fun filled weekend. If you’re not in shape, create a slightly larger team and come spend a social weekend. Also there are the two new 8-hour categories.

Today we received a copy of the just released “The Road to Athens” and we are going to air it on the large out screen Friday night. The Movie takes a number of Olympic hopefuls are they are challenged for the right to represent the US at the mountain bike Olympics. So come join us for the free popcorn on Friday night.

Look forward to seeing you all,


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Major hats off to the 24 crew

My brother and I did this event over the weekend (took 3rd in the 2 man teams), and it was great. Going into the event I was hearing 2 sides of the story in regards to the course - some people were posting that the conditions were going to be terrible while to 24hr crew were plugging their work and saying that the trail was going to be an 8-9 come race day.

Well I must say that the 24hour crew were beyond impressive - considering some of the weather they ran into on the final week - they made the course a solid 9 in our book. I hadn't ridden the course before but it was pretty obvious where the crew had busted their rear ends to get the couse in shape. The bridges they built were as solid and top notch as one could ask - they'll be around for several years. They also cleaned up sections including the "hike a bike" section that was completely rideable - even at 3 in the morning in 30 degree temps. In order to make the course as safe and fun as possible they seemed a bit behind on some of the other setup but it was all worth it. This was another plus for them as it showed their priorities were on the race and not on selling a few more T-shirts and hoodies.

Again thanks to the crew for all the hard work on getting the trails ready for us...We'll definitely be back.
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