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adjusting mx-2's

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sorry for the newb questions but...

How do I adjust my hayes GX-2's (the same as MX-2's). The front rotor is rubbing abit with the pads and its getting annoying.
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Look inside the caliper and see wich pad is rubbing.
-if its the one closest to the wheel (fixed), then spin the allen thingy counter-clockwise
-If it is the other one (moveable), then loosen up the cable either at the handlebar, or at the caliper.

make sure that the movable pad doesn't bend way over to hit the other pad.
try this, take a rubberband and wrap it tight around the brake lever so that it squeeses deciently hard onto the brake. theres two parts, an adapter (should be the thick black part thats bolted to the fork) and then you'll see the grey (?) part of the actual whole disc brake unit. untighten those bolts, allowing the brake to be moved around, the rubberband will center it due to the brake pads applying pressure to that area. now tighten the bolts again and try it.

if that doesnt work, search the brakes section of this forum about "trueing disc brake rotors"
After the caliper is centered, per todd_freeride's instructions, you will need to back off the inboard/static pad by turning the allen bolt on the back of the caliper counterclockwise a little at a time until the rub is gone. If you keep getting rub, look inside the caliper to make sure that it's not actually rubbing against the dynamic pad. You may have to try a few times to get it right.
Here's the .pdf of the Install and Service Manual for the Hayes MX-2. It kinda details the process that todd is talking about (steps 11-15). Anyways, it's helpful to have just in case.
how often do your brake pads wear? and are they as easy to change like brake pads on a car?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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