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Adjustable Seat Post

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I'm in the market for an adjustable seat post and has anyone out there riddin the Contact Switch remote seat post that Giant puts out? I know they come stock on the Trance X. Any comments on performance,reliability issues,warranty,etc. Thank you for all comments and suggestions.
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Never ridden the Giant brand, but I have a KS i950r on my '11 reign and love it. Took about 1/2 hour to get it set up, and no problems what so ever since. Best $200 Ive spent on my bike.
WOW! $200! thats a pretty good deal! Where did you purchase said seatpost?
I have no idea where I got it from, I'll buy from whoever is cheapest. I've had it for probably 2
years, when they first hit. Might have paid more too, still well worth it.
Check out the Rock Shock Reverb. They're going slightly over $200 right now on ebay. There's a thread on it in the All Mountain section and everyone that has one seems to rave about it.
I am waiting for the FOX D.O.S.S
But I have no idea how much it will be
you must also consider the size you need. Reverb exists in 38 cm and 42 cm length. For my Faith, for example, 38 cm is ok
Command Post Blacklite in 30.9?
I ride it and so far it seems to be working good. Just don't over tighten you seat post clamp. I think I am going to put some friction past instead of grease for the portion that is inserted in the frame. Mine keeps slipping down.

Also today it stopped working, stuck in the down position. Took the post out and the (I will call it a nut since I don't know what it is called) nut inside the post if you look in it from the bottom had come loose. A few turns and good as new. Wonder if that is what went wrong on the first contact post I sent back to giant. They gave me new one no problem last year. I have a theory that you have to baby these type of posts a little bit. Regular post you can bounce around on small bumps with no problem, but I don't think these post will last long with that type of abuse. I have a hard tail, full sus most likely non-issue.

I like it but wish it was 3 inches longer. Could have more post in frame and still get the little extra height I need for long climbs.
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Did some work on the bike today and decided to take out the post and the nut was loose, not sure I tightend it down enough on the ride so this time I used a pair of needle nose pliers to really crank down on it. Hope this will last. I will be check this more often from now on. Also added some grease to the post as well.
I have Giant Contact seat post for 4 months now on my Trance and so far no problem.
Vey smooth to operate cost me $199.00 @ my local lbs.
I've had a Contact Switch since day one, My first one was "not smooth". Giant replaced it. My 2nd one is starting to get pretty loose at the top. But I'm still riding it. I'll probably have it replaced again when it fails to lower due to binding... ;P
Recently fitted an X-fusion Hilo 125mm to my 2011 Trance X3. Loving it!
Been running a Contact Switch on my Trance X for roughly three months...probably 250 miles on it so far. The positives include 1) $$$ (tough to beat), 2) great return action - not too slow and, more importantly, not a ball buster, 3) great remote (arguably on par with KS', but IMO way more convenient than the Blacklite's remote) and 4) fully adjustable travel. FOR ME, negatives are 1) a little bit of side-to-side play (not inconsistent with others' reviews but also not an issue when riding, so...) and 2) some fore-aft flex at full extension. I'm kind of a clydesdale, so take that with a grain of salt (235 lbs. riding weight). If you end up with one, just watch the cable housing connection at the saddle clamp. A few reports (myself included) had a brief issue with the post not was simply a matter of ensuring a good seat at that housing interface.

All in all, at $200 or less I think the Contact Switch is a sleeper post in the world of $350+ droppers. My first outing with the post was a 4-day Utah trip loaded with slick rock, steep chutes and techy climbs. The CS didn't blink once.
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I would wish they make it 4 inches longer. 6 foot 5. Another two rides done and stills works great. Got to get the KS sent in to get the seals replaced and will be putting that one one fr the extra length and have contact as a back up.
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