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Adjustable forks - not for my 5-spot!

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The Vanilla 130s on my 5-spot are superb. But for my current stealth build project requires some travel adjustable forks 100-130.

I've heard good things about RockShox this year but the product range is pretty confusing (well to me anyway).

Preference is for
- Coil sprung
- QR Axle
- < 4.5lb weight
- Fit and forget. Only faff I want is the adj. travel (this has put me off the marz range)

It's for a hardtail. XC riding. Kind of vanilla stiffness and weight would be ideal with travel adjust.

Originally I was looking at the RS Pike but it means a new front wheel and it's probably a bit burly for what I need.

Budget: Max £300. UK based but always happy to source from the US if there is a deal going. This is just UGI gone mad really as I don't have anything else to buy for the 5-spot and I saw a steel frame I really liked and... and... you guys know how it is

Alex :D
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Not a big fan of pace. But I'll have an ask around. I heard of them failing often but having not owned any I should probably get some opinons.
How about a RS Recon 351?

It is Coil U-Turn, and is basically a little heavier brother to the Reba/ Revelation.
What DD said. It fits your desired criteria perfectly.
That's a good looking fork for the money. Last years is £200 on offer over here. Thanks.. I'll go and take a look.
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