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Adjust Front derallieur FD-M570-E down

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Is it possible to adjust the Shimano front derallieur FD-M570-E down?

Right now the gap between the FD and the big cog is 5-6 mm.

I want to bring it down to the 2 mm that is recommended.

Is it possible? I have read that the E type FD´s are fixed, since its not attached to the frame.


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It is fixed in place. I think the higher end ones may be height adjustable, but I'm not sure. Do you have it rotated to a proper position? Sometimes you can adjust them a bit by swinging them around the BB. If it's shifting ok, I wouldn't worry.
turning the FD


Thx for the reply.
My problem is that the chain goes against the low part of the FD when the front cog is set to the smallest cog and the rear cog is set to the smallest as well. So its more a noise problem than a shifting problem.

Question: can I turn the FD without loosening other parts (pedals, crankset etc)


You're describing what is called "cross chaining" with you running the chain in the small-small or big-big combination on a triple chainring. When cross chaining, you will almost never get the chain not to rub or make noise. You shouldn't use that gearing because it puts a very large angle through which the chain needs to bend to get from the front to the back. Shift the bike into the big-big combo and take a look at the chain from behind; you can actually see that as the chain leaves the cog, it instantly starts bending to get over to the front gear. This bending will wear your chain out faster, cause shifting problems, and if you're mashing can cause bent or deformed rings and teeth. That's why you have a middle chainring, I don't cross chain in the two gears opposite the front position (no 1,2 when using the big ring) and it works well.

You can't turn the FD without loosening the BB, which requires removing the drive side crank and loosening the BB. Well, you probably can turn it by hitting it with a punch and a hammer, but I can't recommend that.
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