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Adirondack Bike Ranch

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Has anyone on here ever ridden here? I noticed that there are 2 XC races coming up later this summer, and was thinking of doing at least one. Both look low key, mens, womens and beginner classes, no Cat1,2,3, etc.
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Its 10 minutes from several of our homes here. If you look in the Pictures - Todays ride( ) thread you can see some pics of one of the trails that they were using for the non beginner race course. We just finished about 2/3 of a new trail on this past Saturday. It will add a nice new trail.
The owners are stand up people and the riding is fun! I was there early in the season when the terrain was limited but it was still a blast. Plus like I said in the first sentence the people running the place are really really great people. Super outgoing and knowledgeable, and they really wanna see more people involved in the sport.
Those trails look really nice, both at the ranch and down by the Saranac. I had heard of the trails by the river but never checked them out. Any idea how long the XC race loop is at the ADK ranch? I'm thinking of hitting one of the races there this summer. In CT, most XC races are around 5 miles/ lap, and it looks like men do 3 laps up there. Thank again for the info.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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