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Adept Pro fork choices

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Just wondered if any Adept Pro owners could give me some feedback on the best fork travel choice for this particular frame? I have a Maverick SC32 fork I could use but am worried that it might be a little too much travel to balance-out the frames handling capabilities. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Jeff :)
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did you just win that ebay auction where that adept frame went for $940??? i have the fox f100 i think. good fork it has the automatic lockout until you hit the bumps
So has your adept worked-out for you with the 100mm fork? The SC32 is around 115mm and maybe a tad long for the adept, and yeah that was me... . I was looking for a decent short travel frame (read Klein)to replace my brand new Pal which just hasn't worked-out for me personally. Man, a guy can't overpay for anything without getting found out! :p

Fortuantely I just recently picked-up a 91 Yo Eddy in great shape, and an immaculate early pressed spindle linear fade Q-Pro for $450 each (full bikes), so I am not always out of control on my spending!!

I am trying to decide whether or not to sell the Palomino as is with components, or strip it and use the components on the Adept. Long travel bikes just aren't my gig I found out to late. :eek:
i think any 100mm fork will do fine. i like mine cuz it doesn't activate unless it has to and when i ride on the road it stays stiff..the fork that is! ha! i guess it all depends how you ride...i try to ride smooth ass xc with a few bumps and jumps.
here is a pic of mine which was already posted...when you finish building yours show us a pic. i love this frame so much i bid on the one you won so i could have an extra for back-up.
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Thanks for the feedback on the Adept! Man... sorry about beating you out on the frame man. I am a finesse rider and prefer an agile, quick handling bike. The Adept seems like it fits the bill. I had a Racer X for a while and worried that a longtravel bike would be a mistake, and the Palomino was unfortunately not my cup of tea. Sounds like I will have to consider my options on the fork for sure as I don't wnat a longer travel fork to slow the handling down too much.

Btw- If something happens and I end-up not building the Adept I will give you a heads-up first. If I do build it I may ask a few more questions along the way!

Thanks again! :)

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