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I have a 2004 On-One Inbred EEB singlespeed frame that I decommissioned a while ago. I'm researching the possibility of giving it new life as a geared bike that my 62 year old father can ride occasionally on light trails and pavement at the summer cabin. I would use it or have it as an extra when I visit. I have most of the parts I need in my box of spares.

The frame only has brake cable routing and vertical dropouts. I'm considering building up a rear wheel with an IGH rear hub (Shimano Alfine). The area where it would live is sandy so an IGH would be well suited. I've never used an IGH hub so I'm uncertain what features are needed at the rear dropouts to make it work, if anything? Obviously there is no cable routing for the shifter but I'm okay with zip ties and maybe some Problem Solvers.

Is there anything I'm naively missing or another option I'm not considering?

Thanks for any comments!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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