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Adding droppr post lever to twin lock levers???

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Hi all,

New guy here just getting back into biking. I haven't bought a bike since 2008 and am a bit clueless on some of the new gadgets and stuff.

I am getting the 2022 Spark RC Comp. This model does have the twin lock but does not have a dropper from the factory. Therefore it only has the dual lever setup for the twin lock. I am wondering g if the 3 lever setup is already an available option to buy and if not, what are my options for adding a lever?
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There are a few threads about this. There are a few options you can do and it comes down to your preference.

I use a PNW Luger 2x lever that I’m comfortable with, but others probably don’t like it.

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You can buy the lever the dropper attachment from Scott. Will attach to your existing setup
I am not finding it on their website. Do I order it through a dealer or call Scott directly to get it?
From my experience with Scott, you’ll need to go through a dealer
Well I went down to my dealer and got my triple lever twin-loc set-up. It only cost me an extra $2000 + tax. :eek:. It did come with the dropper and a drivetrain upgrade and fork upgrade and wheelset upgrade so I can't complain too much about the price :D.

All kidding aside, I did opt to move my deposit over from the RC Comp to the purchase of a 910. It is a more expensive version but it comes with upgrades for the extra money. Oh, and I got it now. No waiting. Anyone in the Phoenix area looking for a Spark RC Comp in medium, Bicycle Haus will have it in January 7 2022. At least that is the current projected delivery day for this specific bike.
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