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Adding brake bosses.......

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Had a need to add rear brakes on a trusty ole frame so I can play along with my coasty friends........silver sure does flow fast! I am able to do this "safely" due to a real good fan in the shop ceiling just above the work. :thumbsup:


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Your little dog should have on eye protection if he's gunna watch the flame.

IMO, silver is no bueno for brake bosses.

jay_ntwr said:
Your little dog should have on eye protection if he's gunna watch the flame.
Oh snap! Walt, now every time I hit the brakes hard there'll be a little voice in my head that says......"silver is no bueno for brake bosses", that to go along with all the other scarry voices in my head. Thanks for the input............... :madman:
it's ok as long as you didn't also silver braze the front brakes. :innocent:
That's it..................
Well, it is amazing what a little braze can do but I would say that optimally that fillet should have been bigger.

I build up a fillet around things like this in silver. It looks better and give more reinforcement. BTW I typically use bronze for brake studs. I have silvered them when attaching chrome for repairs only. Also some stainless bits.

You have inadequate wetting too in a spot on the left hand side. You should see a little fillet on the inside too.

Ah, it's only a rear brake. Won't kill you if it lets go

Have fun.

Dave Bohm
Thanks for the pointers..........:thumbsup: I'll keep my fingers crossed and if/when they break off, I'll be sure to use brass next time.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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