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Adaptors to fit Shimano brakes to Reba SL's?

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I feel like a fool, I just bought Reba SL shocks for by rockhopper and was pleased with myself and successfully fitting them. I then discovered the caliper mounts are perpindicular to the standard shimano 525 calipers than come with the Specialized Rockhopper. Rather than now replace the brake system is there an adapter that I can fit & where would i get such a thing. The local bike shop reckons there is one out there but has not sourced one yet.
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Yes there are adapters available for Shimano...

disc brakes. What adapter you need depends on several variables. Universal Cycles ( carries them. Below is a link to their page for the product I think you are looking for. With the variables that are possible with your set up I would highly recommend that you call them to make sure of what you need. Have your measurements ready, i.e. Rotor size, tab style and measurement on the fork (74mm post mount ala manitou, or 51mm tab mounts, most others), and the model of brake. They should be able to hook you up. Their number is (800) 936-5156. The link below is just to show you what you are looking at. Don't feel like a fool, it's not an uncommon oversight when switching from a fork with a manitou style post mount to a fork with IS mounts. Anyway, congrats on your new fork. Hopefully Universal can solve your problem for you.

Universal cycles is probably not the only online source for the adapters. But they are the only ones that I personally know of that carry them on a regular basis. Hope this helps you out.

Good Dirt
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You used to have a Manitou fork which uses a post mount. The Reba uses a IS mount. There are plenty of adapters. Shimano, Hayes, Avid all use adapters so you can run the brakes on either post mount or IS. Just make sure you get the front adapter for the appropriate rotor size.
Thanks, used the link you provided & ordered up the appropriate adapter, plus a couple of sets of pads.

Much appreciated.
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