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The SB8 is....

a tough tire to get accurate weights on from the web. The tire is available in sizes from 26X1.90 to 26x2.35. Some sites tend to list the lightest claimed weight only, which is usually for the narrowest version of the tire. So you don't get a clue as to the weight of the wider versions of the tire. I've found that the Kenda claimed weights fall pretty much within the range that they give for a given tire. In the case of the 2.35 DTC SB8 Kenda claims 705 grams plus or minus 37g. You have to read the whole thing! Kenda says there is likely to be a 5% variation (+ or - 37g) in weight due to manufacturering tolerances. A 5% variance, when you consider how tires are manufactured, is quite acceptable.

Bottom line is, work off of the 705 claimed weight, it's more than likely the closest. 670g is the low end of the range for the SB8 740g is the high end. All of the variation in the figures you are finding online are indications that the figures are being spewed out without having actually weighed the tires, or the figures are for different (smaller) sizes of the tire. I think that you'll find that the real world weight for the 2.35 SB8 will fall within a few grams of the claimed 705g. I've run several different Kenda MTB tires over the last few years and I've found that Kenda is being conservative with their weights for the most part. Out of 4 different models across a total of 7 sets of tires I haven't had one yet that was not within + or - 10g of the claimed weight, and most were on the minus side. So figure the 2.35 SB8 at between 695 and 715g. That's about as close as you'll get to a good estimate without actually weighing the tires.

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