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Well being how I did not see an Access Frame in the Bike frame section I will start my own.
I'm getting back into riding and for a frame that is $108.00 total I feel it will be fine. My last two bikes being Rocky Mountains (Switch and Element T.O.) I felt for the cost and wanting to go back to a hardtail this was the best choice. I have about $850 total into the build and so far it works great. Just need to get my fat arse back up South Mt now.

This was takin with my new Evo 4 phone in the kitchen btw, not to bad for a cell phone

Reba Race 08 new on the shelf
XT rear 09
XTR front 09-10 IDK
SLX Crankset
Elixir R hydros
Vuelta wheels, they were cheap.
XT shifters
Easton stem
FSA bars
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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