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Absalon Championship Oetzi Aluminum

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I am currently selling my road bike and planning on buying a MTB. Today, I found a used but in great condition Absalon Championship Oetzi Aluminum bike. I am looking for feedback/ride quality for this bike. Is this frame a good frame? The guy is asking $1300 for the complete original bike. I am not sure if this is a good price.
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If it is this bike
it appears to be a very high end XC race bike. Sounds like a good price for a used race ready bike if it is great condition.

Probably very good for smoother trail riding with lots of climbing. I would not be very good for very rocky trail of difficult and fast downhill. XC racers have steep quick turning geometry, not as easily balanced for braking hard downhill or riding over bigger rocks.

It would be a very good bike for transitioning from road riding to trail riding.
I have an Oetzi Carbon. I'm not sure if the geometry is the same but..... Most uncomfortable, unpredictable bike I've ever ridden. It SUCKS.
It's not an All Mountain bike fo sho.... That's a purpose built racer, and not made for long days in the saddle.

Yes it's the one listed in Derby's link. That's the exact bike. hanks for the feed back. I will report back to you when I test ride it. Thanks for everyone's input.
Very good frame i think..:)

Since 2007 until now I still ride it for 2nd ht bike.....:thumbsup:

my first HT bike...bianchi oetzi titanium...

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Very nice bikes Indie. I have not made my purchase yet but, we are getting closer to agreeing on a price.
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