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I'm currently laying out my training plan with the goal of completing my first 12 hour solo at the 12 hours of Dausett on Sept. 22. So far I think I have the long rides planned out by taking 75% of the race distance (or time in this case) as the longest ride 4 weeks out from the race, then doing 90% of that the week before, then 90% of that etc. The weekly long rides would progress roughly like this;


I got that from

How does this sound? I've been doing some 4-5 hour rides every few weeks all year as well as several Sport class XC races. I also did two 6 hour races this past May.

My main question is this; What should I be doing during the week? I have a SS that I could ride once a week for strength. I have a road fixie that seems to help the spin, strength & endurance of the legs. What about intervals? Should I do some short (2-3 minute anareobic) or longer (10-20 minute threshold)? I've also read about the benefits of long tempo rides. My weekly plan would be to ride Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, hit the gym (core & upper body) on Monday & Friday, long ride on Saturday & take Sunday off. I thought about something like this;

Tuesday-Intervals or hill repeats on road
Wednesday- Fixie or tempo
Thursday- SS on the trail

Any thoughts? Am I on the right track? Should I slowly up the mid week hours like I do the Saturday rides? By how much?

BTW I do plan to add a recovery week every 4th week by reducing the mid week training by roughly half.
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