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Hey everyone,

I know I'm very late to the HAL6 party, but I just wanted to share my experience from owning two of them. About a year and a half ago, I purchased a 2017 HAL6 Expert edition and put several hundred miles on it...until it was stolen last month :mad: .

Anyway, I was able to ride with a lot of friends who have much more expensive bikes than the Moto and feel as though I have a decent grasp on how the bike compares to name brand competition.

In a nutshell, the HAL is nearly as good. It climbs very well for the amount of travel it has and it is extremely predictable in descents. Nothing about the bike feels awkward or off, it rides like a complete product should. Perhaps if you ride more enduro / downhill the head tube could be slightly more slack, but for the moderate descending and the 2-3 foot drops I ride, it has never felt incapable by any means.

I never had any issues with the bike, it didn't even develop any creaks or rattles. Overall, the build quality and fit and finish were better than I expected.

After the bike was stolen and I began to look for replacements, I strongly considered all of Motobecane's higher-end bikes as well as name brand models. Eventually, I saw a deal on a 2018 HAL6 XT11 through Bike Island that I couldn't pass up. So here I am, riding my second HAL6 and I'm still happy with it.

Is the Moto as good as Cannondale / Trek / Specialized / etc...? No. But it is very, very close. To me, saving several hundred dollars makes the negligable difference in performance more than worth it.

I wish there had been more reviews on the HAL line of bikes when I was looking at purchasing I figured I'd share my $0.02. If you're comfortable turning a wrench and assembling / adjusting your own bike, I would recommend dealing with Bikes Direct for your purchase.

Here's pics of the old bike (beside a Cannondale Trigger Carbon that I rode quite a bit) and the new one.

Happy riding!


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