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I’ve seen some articles and got many useful suggestions in this forum, and this is my first post to show my views.

Although safe night riding lies on right attitude, bike in good conditions, suitable safety fittings, along with appropriate brightness lights can reduce the chances of accidents. A right light is important for me , and my choice of bicycle lights should include these features.

Beam distance at least 30 meters
Usually it takes 3 seconds for pre-warning, and 30 meters distance is needed at the speed of 36KM/H.

Enough lateral view
Light of 3-5 times the width of the road is necessary for right decision of turn left or right to round obstacles ahead.

Tough outdoor environment may be experienced.

Li-ion batteries
Li-ion batteries provide much power the same size of AA batteries and better life span.

Headlight ensures safe ride for its no dead angle lighting as head rolls.

Quick attach and release

Good quality and price

I don’t take much consideration on brand, some small brands also provides high quality and not expensive.

What’s the ideal bicycle light you want? Let’s discuss.
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