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I don't know a whole lot about this Bill. I just got this from a friend. Anyone else heard of this AB 2923? This is from Tom Ward the head of the California chapter of IMBA:

Hi to All,

We need letters written now and they need to be faxed! I don't usually ask a lot from all of you, but I need your help now! Get all the people in your various networks to write.

To make a long story short, here is what is needed.

Ken Wells and I have been in meetings and discussions with the chief staffer for the Bill Sponsor, Assemblywoman Noreen Evans, as well as the representative from the CA Wilderness Coalition. We attempted to make changes in the Bill (AB 2923 See forwarded message for details) but have not been successful. Our position therefore is to oppose the legislation. I have sent an opposed letter (faxed) to the members of the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee and to the Bill sponsors (see attached). I am testifying before the Committee Wednesday, June 25.

This State Wilderness Bill (not federal) will potentially have a huge negative impact for mountain bike opportunity. The top priorities for Wilderness study are Henry Coe State Park, Robert Louis Stevenson State Park and Austin Creek State Recreation Area. We currently ride in the first two parks, and we have a long standing proposal for bike trails in Austin Creek. Although the Bill calls fo r "study for potential Wilderness" it makes no sense to us to even go down that road when these are prime biking areas.

The strategy now is to literally jam the fax machine with hundreds of letters so the Bill sponsor and co-sponsorwill take notice. This is when numbers count. Look at my letter for wording ideas for yours. Don't make yours exactly the same. In fact, letters can be quite short, but it is crucial to fax them. Legislators take much more notice of fax than email, however if you can't get through on fax, then email or mail a letter.

Everybody send to:

Assemblywoman Noreen Evans

Assembly District 7

Sate Capitol

Sacramento, CA 94249-0007

Room 315


Fax 916-319-2107

Also to the Bill's Co-Sponsor Senator Pat Wiggins

Second Senate District

Room 4081

State Capitol

Sacramento, CA 94249-0007


Fax 916-323-6958

Also send the same letter to your State Assembly Rep. and State Senator.

Please let me know you received this communication and how you plan to get others to write.

I will keep you updated as this moves along.

Thanks so much for your help.

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