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Yes it will fit. But My advice to you would be do not waste your time and energy. Speaking from experience I tried to upgrade my rear triangle on my 12 year old Schwiin Rocket 88 with the adapter and caused me nothing but headaches. It will move on you during your ride no matter how much torque you aply to the bolts. It also alows the brakes to warble which on the trail is incredilby annoying. I tried making adapters to help this adapter seat better to the frame but in the end I said screw it and went back to rim brakes as this worked better then the A2Z. Frame was pretty flat in the area as well. if you want my advice, and you really want disc brakes.........BUY A NEW BIKE. Trust me other then your wallet you will be smiles all over. Thats what i did put a new Pivot Mach 5.7 carbon in the garage and my rocket 88 has been relegated to street duty.
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