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Really I am that slow
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Its been a year sense I got my Siren from Brendan.

I think I make have a few things missing and different then most Sirens...

Fist I loved the former bike a Vassago Jabberwonky so wanted a geo similar to that but with a non suss corrected fork, he thought that maybe a bit higher on the BB would be good. I also wanted big mud clearance, room fit 2.5 dissent no problem, and track ends. No rear brake mount, rack mounts.3 bottle cages fairly odd fixie I dare say

2.5 Month later I received the pink panther

This bike has been through mud pit slung over my shoulder has hit Gooseberry mesa and little creek I donno have many times and Its been a champ, Also bikepacking and loaded up, big tires and little tires...

I'm smitten, a+ work Brendan Turned out how I wanted, and rides even better =)

The bent toptube really does help in the slow speed techy riding and getting on the thing as well... may be 6'3" but have stubby little legs

Here's a few pics and if your looking for custom you should take a look at Brendan and Siren bicycles

Only thing I may mess with on this bike is a fat front end and a fatter rear rim


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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