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No new forks or shocks, but I'm pretty psyched to finally get the FR lowers (Thanks Gustavo), and a few other goodies installed.

It has been pretty wet here in the Pacific Northwest, so I have been trying to come up with a fender installation that works on a 5" travel bike. I have never been very impressed with the type that strap to your seat post, and none of the commercially available front fenders are designed for longer travel forks.

This one seems to be working OK so far. I notched a set of SKC Beavertail fenders to fit the chainstay and fork arch and zip tied them on. The fenders are made of fairly thick polyethylene so the single poknt attachment works OK. They are faily stiff but do flop around enough to buzz the tires when the going gets bumpy. Clearance may not be adequate for really sticky clay type mud, and I'm a little worried about what will happen at full compression

If anybody else has a successful fender set up on these bikes, I would love to see it


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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