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A weekend with a Chumba EVO.

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I was able to demo an EVO this last weekend. What a smooth ride.

When I first got on the bike it felt odd. Really high and short to the bars. I was forced to stand on my toes if I straddled the top tube. That usually doesn't concern me too much, but it was higher than I've experienced on any other bike. The top tube felt short and combined with the stubby stem and tall bottom bracket I was top heavy.

Riding the bike, however, alleviated my trepidations. The bike rode smooth, smooth, smooth. The back end is the plushest 6" bike I've ever ridden. It absolutely erased trail chatter. Landings on this thing were just as impressive. I was only able to get in some small jumps but the EVO inspires confidence in the air and on landing.

The bike was outfitted with a 36 TALAS and a 36T chaingring. On one ride I climbed 1600' in approximately 4 miles. Nothing real steep, but a bit of a grind with a 36T (at least for me). Normally I climb this on my XCL quite a bit faster, but I have a better range of gears for my fat butt. If I stayed in the saddle the suspension stayed surprisingly calm. When I got out of the saddle to pound the bike would bob and I felt like I was battling it. But you don't ride this bike for the sprint to the top, you ride for the great feeling rear suspension on the descents. It didn't disappiont.

While riding I never felt unduly high like I did in the parking lot. I did feel a bit cramped in the cockpit though. But I'm all torso no legs. I'm 5'9" with a 29" inseam. If your short in the legs, I would test ride the EVO before making a purchase.

Overall it was a great ride. Except for the above mentioned fit problems the bike performed great. It cornered well, smoothed the trail, and felt good in the air. If your not concerned about being the fastest to the top, then I'd look into this bike.
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